6 Hospitalised And School Forced To Shut Down After Student In US Uses "Fart Spray"

A high school student in the United States sent six students to the hospital after deploying a "fart spray", the officials said on Friday. According to a Facebook post by Caney Creek Fire & Rescue, the student confessed to the foul prank after fire officials and hazardous response teams spent three days investigating reports of "a smell of gas" at Caney Creek High School in Texas. 

"Due to the hard work of Caney Creek High School Staff and Conroe ISD Police, a student confessed to bringing a highly concentrated, prank, stink spray called Hensgaukt Fart Spray. Caney Creek Fire & Rescue is proud to serve and protect all Students and Staff at Caney Creek High School," the authorities said. 

According to New York Post, the odour was initially detected earlier this week on Wednesday, prompting a swift evacuation of all students. The fire and rescue department checked the entire school building with gas detection equipment, however, were unable to locate any signs of leaks or fire. 

Students were then asked to return to class the following day despite the smell. But that day, six students were reportedly hospitalised after suffering severe headaches from the odour and at least eight others were reported feeling ill, the officials said. 

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According to the outlet, the school was also forced to shut down classes for the remainder of the week even though fire officials confirmed the safety of the air quality in the building. 

On Friday, one student finally confessed to using a fart spray, a gag toy that "creates smell like real poo and fake vomit". The school administration believes that the student was not acting alone. 

In an email obtained by People, Caney Creek High School Principal Jeff Stichler promised parents the school district is working with the District Attorney's Office and "will address it to the fullest extent of the Student Code of Conduct and the laws of the State of Texas".

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