Mother's Day 2023: Know The History, Significance Behind The Day

The relationship between a mother and her children is the sweetest and purest form of love. Mother's Day is marked every year to celebrate this bond and highlight the contribution of all mothers around the world. This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 14 in India.


Mother's Day is observed in more than 50 countries across the world but not on the same date. In India and the US, the day is marked on the second Sunday of May. Hence, Mother's Day falls on May 14 this year. People in the UK celebrate Mother's Day in the month of March. It falls three weeks before Easter or on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent.


The origin of Mother's Day can be traced back to the early 1900s when the US dedicated a day to mothers. An American woman named Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother after her death in 1905 and decided to set aside a day for all mothers. Later, the woman formally celebrated the day for the first time in May 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia.

The day became popular after which Anna and her friends urged prominent personalities in the US to declare Mother's Day a national holiday. Within a few years, the day was celebrated in every state of the US.

In 1914, then US President Woodrow Wilson announced that the second Sunday of May be celebrated as Mother's Day. Gradually, the idea spread to other countries.


A mother's love for her children is unconditional and pure. Mothers play different roles in the lives of their children and make numerous sacrifices to provide them with everything they need. Mother's Day serves as an opportunity to recognise the efforts that our mothers put in to make sure that we always excel.

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